Artist of the Month – Terry Wittenauer

Terry Wittenaur, Artist   I have always been inspired by art and so intrigued by those who are naturally talented.  The urge to draw, paint and create using many different mediums is something that I have always loved to do, but I always seem to return to watercolor as my favorite medium.

View Some of My Paintings

Art was my major in high school, but I didn’t pursue an art education beyond that.  As with so many other members of MVWS, my art was put aside as I was raising my children and now that they are grown, I have found some time to give to this hobby once again.  It’s like I have met up with an old friend! I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful artists who are members of MVWS and hopeful that I will continue to learn and grow by soaking in everything that they have to offer.

Terry Wittenauer

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