Artist of the Month – Ed Jones

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Ed Jones – Artist of the Month
Like most of us, I’ve always liked to draw. The Butler Art, Mill Creek Park and Mr Shatay, (St Pat’s’ art teacher) were my first inspirations. I continue to draw and paint because I have to.
Oils are my favorite medium, but for health reasons, I’ve switched to transparent watercolor which I struggle with and Acrylics that are closer to my natural approach to painting. I think that what one learns in one medium helps when working in another. Currently I’m trying to use Liquitex heavy body acrylics in a very painterly manner with a minimal palette — a cool and warm version of each of the primaries. I like to paint people and the landscape of wherever I happen to be.
My samples include an oil (self-portrait of back when I thought I knew a thing or two), an acrylic (kids at the shore), two watercolors (one a preliminary sketch, the other is of Hollywood’s Broadwalk in Fl) and a sketch of an African man. I also included a copy I did in acrylics of a pitcher to show the direction in which I’m going. I think copying is a good learning tool. If anyone has questions about these, I’ll be happy to talk about them when I get back. See you then.


Kids at Shore

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  1. Gerard Bianco

    I’ve known Ed Jones for many years. We used to work side-by-side, pushing paint around the canvas to paint portraits. Ed is a terrific painter and, I’m certain, a wonderful addition to your organization.

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