Artist of the Month – Dottie Bodnar

Dottie Bodnar

I have had a desire to do art work since taking art in high school, several art electives in college, and classes at the Butler. So as soon as I retired from teaching in the Youngstown City Schools,  I enlisted the help of my dear friend,  Mary Kay D’Isa, and she got me started in watercolors.  She encouraged me to attend demos and workshops. There I met Chris Leeper and have been taking lessons with him for several years now.  Their help has been invaluable.


I began working in watercolor, then tried my hand at acrylics, and now oils.  I enjoy all three medias and will continue to practice  all of them.  My subject matter comes from pictures I take when traveling and here in our beautiful parks.  I carry my camera with me always in case I see something I might like to paint. The painting of the tractor is from a photo I took when driving around some rural areas with a photographer friend of mine.

Tractor Painting

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I enjoy painting landscapes, cityscapes, flowers, and want to become more proficient in portraits. Just want to keep painting as much as I can.  Although it is very challenging, I can’t think of anything I would rather do in my retirement years.

Dottie Bodnar


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